Do you need to make an official assessment of your lab assets?

The appraisal services of Galileo will offer an expert's official report, accurate, irrefutable and defensible in every instance of all your lab assets. The expert report is carried out by expert appraisers are experts in the valuation of machinery laboratory with official qualification awarded by the Professional Association Collegiate forensic Experts of the Kingdom of Spain (ASPEJURE).

An expert report of an appraisal must be performed by personnel certified to withstand the scrutiny of third parties and may be valid at different instances. This document will be invaluable when negotiating with banks and risk rating agencies, in the process of liquidation and bankruptcy, in litigation or simply to learn the current value of the tangible assets of a company.

To perform an expert's report valuation we need to familiarize ourselves with your business, visit your facilities, make a list of assets, determine their characteristics, to check its state of conservation and operation, to know the price of acquisition and the study of its current market value.

We do appraisals of laboratory equipment all over the country!

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