Delphi-X Observer DX.1153-PLPhi

Delphi-X Observer DX.1153-PLPhi


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Microscope trinocular Delphi-X Observer DX.1153-PLPhi eyepieces SWF 10x / 25 mm Ø 30 mm lenses with a correction to infinity (IOS) with phase contrast PLPHi 10/20/S40/S100x oil immersion, 60 mm parafocal, plate 190 x 152 mm with mechanical stage built-in x 78 x 32 mm and 3 W of lighting NeoLED ™

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• Super wide field SWF10x/25 mm for the porta-eye Ø 30 mm


 Trinocular design Siedentopf tube inclined at 30°. Distance inter-pupillary adjustable between 47 and 78 mm head trinocular standard has a selector of the optical path of three positions (100:0 / 80:20 / 0:100). Correction ± 5 diopters in both eyepieces.


Revolver holder objectives sextuple oriented towards the interior and are mounted on ball bearings of high precision. With screw thread for objectives of 25 mm diameter


Objectives EIS corrected infinity Plane achromatic phase contrast 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, s40x/0.65 ys100x/1.25 (oil immersion).

Approach macro and micrometric coaxial, 100 graduations, accuracy of 1 μm, 100 μm by the rotation, the range of total displacement of about 35 mm Is supplied with a top elevation of the plate adjustable to prevent damage to the sample and the objectives. The focus system coarse has tension adjustment. The focus knobs micrométricos can be changed from left to right (for a magnetic system) in accordance with the preferences of the user

Plate 190 x 152 mm with mechanical stage mechanical integrated right 78 x 32 mm With coating glass-Gorilla resistant to scratches. Stage mechanical for left-handed available upon request (Reference request: Add -L to the product number)


Capacitor type Zernike A. N. 1.25 with turret 5-position (brightfield, phase 10x, phase 20x, phase 40x, phase 100x). Adjustable in height. Iris diaphragm


• Type-Köhler-intensity adjustable by NeoLED™ 3W with internal power supply 100-240 V


The innovative design NeoLED™ is a combination of LED and custom lens thin specially designed with a short focal length to obtain three main benefits:
• You can capture more oblique light from the LED light source, which significantly increases the light output
• It requires less energy to reach this level of intensity of light
• The greater opening of NeoLED™ allows the optical systems of the microscope to produce images with higher resolutions, very close to the diffraction limit of theoretical optics

This sensor allows to avoid the loss of unnecessary energy. The illumination of the microscope automatically switches off shortly after the user stops in front of the microscope


The carry handle on the back of the microscope guarantees a safe transportation of the microscope and the tool and the porta-tools integrated to ensure that the right tool is always available


Supplied with power cable, protective cover, replacement fuse, user manual and small bottle of immersion oil 5 ml. Case of polystyrene

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