Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
Brand New
  • Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
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iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
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2 año garantía

2 year warranty

Microscope trinocular phase contrast. Eyepieces EWF10x/22 mm Objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) DIN flat phase Plan PLPH10x/0.25, PLPH20x/0.40, PLPHS40x/0.65 and PLPHS100x/1.25 oil-immersion. Treatment mold. Capacitor-adjustable height, turret positions (bright-field, dark-field (up to 400x magnification), phase 10x/20x, phase 40x, phase 100x) with iris diaphragm. Lighting NeoLED 3W.


Feeder internal 85V-240V.

Auto power off Sensor iCare

Supplied with a protective case, fuse replacement, special tools, small bottle of immersion oil 5ml, power cord, filter, white frosted, green filter, manual of instructions in Spanish.

Certificate of origin the Netherlands

Brand New