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EduBlue LCD ED.3000 digital stereo microscope with built-in 2MP CMOS camera and built-in 9-inch screen. Single optical zoom lens with 1 to 4 times magnification. With rack and pinion support with 21 LED incident light ring and 7 LED transmitted illumination. Removable 8GB SD card.
These kinds of microscopes are suitable for inexperienced users or for education.

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EduBlue LCD ED.3000 digital stereo microscope

EduBlue LCD ED.3000 features a single optical zoom lens with a zoom magnification of 1 to 4x. Zoom settings recorded at 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 5x. The working distance is 91 mm. Up to 10x digital zoom is available in the software

The center zoom lens with attached screen and LED light ring is mounted on a rack and pinion system that sits on a 30 x 180mm metal bracket

There are two types of lighting available:
• One integrated 21 LED ring incident light illumination (5,500 K) with five intensity settings
• A 7-LED (5,785 K) transmitted illumination with two intensity settings, built into the base

Built-in 2MP CMOS high speed HD camera with attached 9 ”screen. There is a USB port for up to 16GB of SD storage card for captured images. The operator can take and save images to the SD card by pressing a capture button on the left side of the screen. Images are saved in .jpg format and videos are saved in .avi format

The software built into the screen is controlled by the computer mouse and features functions such as image capture, image freeze, auto white balance, auto exposure, file manager, grids. Also camera settings like exposure time, gain, saturation, contrast, sharpness and HDR

Supplied with a 16GB SD card, black and white object plate, one glass transparent object plate, and two external 12V / 3.3A power supplies

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