Elga Purelab Maxima II An.

Elga Purelab Maxima II An.


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Type I+ ultrapure wate purification system. Flow 1.2 L/min. Resistivity 18.2MΩ-cm. TOC <5 ppb with RO pre-treatment. Endotoxins <0.02 EU/ml. Bacteria <1 CFU/ml. Dispenser. Microprocessor and R232. New filters and UV lamps. Include reservoir 40 L. Type II feedwater is recommended.

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Power requirements: 85-265V; 65 VA

Feedwater Specification: 

i. Reverse osmosis water 
ii. Deionized water (from a strong mixed bed ion exchange unit) 
iii. Distilled water (single or double distilled) 
iv. Electrically deionized water (as supplied by a PURELAB Option-E unit) 
i. Tank feed – positive flooded suction – 1 psi (0.07 Bar) minimum 
ii. Pressure feed – 10 psi (0.7) bar maximum (A pressure relief valve can be supplied for higher pressures)

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