Labotect C200

Labotect C 200


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Labotect C200 CO2 incubator for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Capacity 200 litres. Temperature range. 27ºC - 47ºC. Stability / uniformity ±0.1 °C /  0.3 °C. Door camera and heated. Range CO2 0 - 10%. Sensor CO2 inflarrojo double beam. Minimal contamination. Active sterile humidity. Glass door, internal subdivided in 6 sections. Shelves adjustable. Over-temperature alarm 32-47 °C. Includes outer container to supply humidity, sterile. Manual.

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230V , 50/60 Hz

Device with medical acceptance

Interior made of polished stainless steel

Intelligent system of temperature control for the inner drying of the chamber.

CO2 Sensor

-Sensor inflarrojo dual beam

-Accurate measurement

-Recovery time very short

-Long-term stability

Direct heating.

-Distribution of the homogeneous temperature in the interior

-Recovery time very short

Diagnostic system

-Acoustic alarm and optical

-Monitoring of the door

-Remote alarm


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