Olympus IX81F

Olympus IX81F


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Inverted microscope motorized fluorescence/contrast phases Olympus IX81. Lenses and accessories: see below. Controller with keyboard IX2-UCB + U-HSTR2. Phase-contrast CH2-PCD-PL. Controller motorized Prior ProScan. High-resolution digital camera Olympus DP71+ software F-view for acquisition, processing, and storage of images.

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This microscope includes:

- Objectives:

Uplan Apo 100x/1,35 oil

Uplan S-Apo 60x/1,35 oil

CPlan FI 10X/0,3 PhC

Plan N 2x/0,06

Plan Apo 60x/1,4 oil

UPlan FI 40X/0,75

LCPlan FI 20X/0,4 Ph1

LCPlan PI 40X/0,6 Ph2

- Photonics polychrome IV for fluorescence: lighting system of multiple wavelengths: 250-680 nm.

- Olympus Filter Cube BX2 - UMF2.

- Imaging hardware Olympus CellM & CellR: software for viewing images in quick time and in real-time.


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