Incubator orbital FS Series
  • Incubator orbital FS Series
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Incubator orbital FS Series
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Incubator orbital FS Series. Ideal for incubation with agitation of microbiological cultures. Models: FS-50B (not refrigerated; temperature of RT+5ºC to 65ºC.); FS-70B (refrigerated; temperature 4ºC to 65ºC.). LCD screen. Control of temperature, time and speed of swing digital. Stability ± 0.1 º. Uniformity ± 1°. Variable speed of 30 to 300 rpm. Resolution 0.1 ºC, ± 1rpm. Timer from 1 min to 9999min. Engine without maintenance. Alarms. Capacity FS-50B: 10 kg; 100ml*16/250*10/500*6 (includes 8 clamps for flask of 250 mL). Capacity FS-70B: 15 kg; 100ml*28/250*15/500*8/1000*6 (includes 12 clamps for flask of 250 mL).

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