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Orbital shakers

Orbital shakers

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Bath agitation FWS
1.450,00 €

Bath with agitation FWS. Volume 31 L. temperature Range RT to 100 ° C. Resolution 0.1 ° C Stability ± 0.1 ºC, uniformity ± 0.2 ºC. Timer 0-9999 min. Oscillation amplitude of 16 or 24 mm selectable Speed 20 to 200 rpm. LCD display of time, temperature, and alarms. Cover. Cuba stainless steel. Perforated lid for bottles of different diameters (diameter max. 120 mm).

Shaker microplate MX100-4A
575,00 €

Shaker microplate MX100-4A. Ideal for agitation of plates in ELISA. Agitation for 4 microplates. Variable speed from 200 to 1500 rpm. Timer from 1 min to 99h59min. Resolution: increments of 10 rpm. Brushless Motor. Orbit 3 mm optional Rack for 20 tubes of 1.5 or 0.5 mL.

Orbital shaker OS-200
540,00 €

Orbital shaker OS-200. Ideal for shaking Petri dishes, Erlenmeyer, flasks and tubes. Can be used in cold chamber or stove (dimensions 280 x 270 x 110 mm). Digital speed Control. Variable speed 50 to 250 rpm. Timer from 1 min to 99h59min. Maximum load 2.5 kg Options: universal platform with bars adjustable for flasks, bottles, or Erlenmeyer flask; flat platform with non-slip rubber or platform clamps Erlenmeyer flask of 100 to 150 mL, or 250 to 300 mL.

Incubator orbital FS Series
2.250,00 € From

Incubator orbital FS Series. Ideal for incubation with agitation of microbiological cultures. Models: FS-50B (not refrigerated; temperature of RT+5ºC to 65ºC.); FS-70B (refrigerated; temperature 4ºC to 65ºC.). LCD screen. Control of temperature, time and speed of swing digital. Stability ± 0.1 º. Uniformity ± 1°. Variable speed of 30 to 300 rpm. Resolution 0.1 ºC, ± 1rpm. Timer from 1 min to 9999min. Engine without maintenance. Alarms. Capacity FS-50B: 10 kg; 100ml*16/250*10/500*6 (includes 8 clamps for flask of 250 mL). Capacity FS-70B: 15 kg; 100ml*28/250*15/500*8/1000*6 (includes 12 clamps for flask of 250 mL).

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