Thermo Helios Aquamate 2000E

Thermo Helios Aquamate 2000E


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Thermo Helios Aquamate 2000E UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. 190-1100 nm wavelength range with a 2 nm bandwidth. Single beam. Tungsten and deuterium lamps of 872 and 46 hours of use, respectively. It is mainly intended for water analysis. AquaMate is pre-programmed with the most common tests, for example, nitrate, phosphate, and chloride. It is also supplied with floppy disks that contain over 300 methods. AquaMate is ready to use with kits from most manufacturers.

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The Thermo Helios Aquamate 2000E UV-Vis spectrometer with the extended 190-1100nm range of the UV-Visible version provides additional flexibility to analyse detergents and screen for organics. AquaMate provides optical performance previously unheard of in a water analysis spectrophotometer. The 2nm bandwidth optical system means AquaMate has the analyte selectivity and sensitivity to handle a wide range of environmental applications other than just water analysis using test kits. For example, AquaMate is probably the only water analysis spectrophotometer capable of retrieving useful information from the sharp peaks found in chlorophyll spectra or from organic contaminants that absorb in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum. Superb linearity, stability and signal-to-noise ratio also means you can trust AquaMate to take stable measurements from highly absorbing or light scattering samples.

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