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New Brunswick
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NEW BRUNSWICK Celligen Plus bioreactor. Includes S25-G-200X motor and vessel of 5 L. Range of temperature ambient +5 to 80 ºC. Range of agitation of 20 to 1200 rpm. Includes gas supply, temp. probe and connection cables for pH and DO probes (probes not included). Digital display and microprocessor control. Includes manual.

Selecta Incubator CO2
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Incubator for culturing anaerobic cells Selecta Incubator CO2. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Volume 205 L. Range Temperature from 25 to 50 ºC. Range CO2 0 to 20 %. Glass door internal. Constant humidity of 98 %. A digital reading. With trays.

Labotect C200
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CO2 incubator for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Vol. 200 litres. Range temp. 27ºC - 47ºC. Door camera and heated. Range CO2 0 - 10%. Sensor CO2 inflarrojo double beam. Minimal contamination. Glass door, internal subdivided in 6 sections. Shelves adjustable. Alarm. Includes outer container to supply humidity, sterile. Manual.

Euroclone Safegrow 188
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Euroclone Safegrow 188 CO2 incubator. Volume 188 liters/ 140 liters of usable space. Direct heating. Precise and accurate temperature control. Range 10-50°C in 0.1 increments. Control ±0.1C. Accuracy ±0.1C. Uniformity – ± 0.3°C. Quick recovery – 5 minutes when a door has been open for 15 seconds. CO2 display in steps of 0.1%. IR sensor and controller technology.  Stainless steel. 27.5 mm access port. Large easy to read display, with fully programmable keypad. Alarms. User manual.