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Radwag 220R2
950,00 €
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Analytical balance Radwag 220R2. BRAND NEW. Capacity max. 220 g. Readability of 0.1 mg dish Diameter of 85 mm Calibration internal. LCD screen.

New Brunswick
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NEW BRUNSWICK Celligen Plus bioreactor. Includes S25-G-200X motor and vessel of 5 L. Range of temperature ambient +5 to 80 ºC. Range of agitation of 20 to 1200 rpm. Includes gas supply, temp. probe and connection cables for pH and DO probes (probes not included). Digital display and microprocessor control. Includes manual.

Jadever SNUG II-300
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Precision balance Jadever. Maximum capacity of 300gr. Resolution: 0.01 g. Rectangular plate of stainless steel of 12,5x14,5 cm, digital Display. Automatic calibration, 13 units of weight and unitcounter. Includes cover plastic windproof with cap and safety lock system for transportation. Output data R2-232

Boeco BBL42
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Balance of analytical precision brand new. Readability 0,001 g. Capacity 150g. Linearity ≤±0,003 mg Repeatability, ≤± 0,0015 mg Range of temperature (0-40ºC) Diameter of plate: 100mm. Lever system monolithic double. Automatic calibration weight, external. Digital display. Counting, weighing in percent, net-total, conversion of the unit of mass, weighing animals. Includes manual.

Radwag WLC 2/A2
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Precision balance Radwag WLC 2/A2. NEW. Capacity max. 2 kg, Readability of 0.01 g. Linearity ±0.03 g. Diameter of the plate of 195 x 195 mm internal rechargeable Battery and output RS 232.. LCD Display. Includes instruction manual.

Sartorius QC7CCE-S
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Electronic balance Sartorius QC7CCE-S. Range of weighing from 0.7 to 7.2 Kg. Readability of 0.1 g. Response time of < 1.5 s. Includes manual.

Sartorius SAR SIWRDCP-1-3-1
750,00 € From
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Electronic balance Sartorius SIWRDCP-1-3-I. Capacity max. weighing 3 kg, Readability of 0.1 g. Remote Control. Manual of instructions.

Kern 323-65 F1
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Set of weights in the form of a button Kern 323-65 F1. Brass plated and polished. Range of weighing from 1 to 500 mg Includes the wooden case.

Nahita 5010/2610
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Balanza granataria monoplato Nahita 2610g/0.1 g. 3 beams. Weight max. of 2610 g. Dish diameter 15 cm

Mettler-Toledo XP6
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Mettler-Toledo XP6
Mettler Toledo
8.925,00 € €10,500.00
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Automated microbalance Mettler-Toledo XP6. Brand new. Ideal for small weighings. Capacity 6.1 g. Readability of 0.001 mg