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New Brunswick
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NEW BRUNSWICK Celligen Plus bioreactor. Includes S25-G-200X motor and vessel of 5 L. Range of temperature ambient +5 to 80 ºC. Range of agitation of 20 to 1200 rpm. Includes gas supply, temp. probe and connection cables for pH and DO probes (probes not included). Digital display and microprocessor control. Includes manual.

Implen Nanophotometer
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Micro-volumes spectrophotometer Implen Nanophotometer. Uv / Vis with range of 190-1100 nm, ultra low volume (up to 0.7ul). Low volume cuvette and standard 1 cm cuvette. Configuration of thermal printer. Includes: integrated user methods, touch keyboard, USB port for data transfer, cables and operator's manual. Optional PC control software is available.