Commitment to quality

The standard ISO 9001:2015 will mark the guidelines to the standardization of control of quality in the management of companies and organizations. To become certified in this rule is an advantage for a company because it is a seal that guarantees to clients safety and efficiency in the products or services that are purchased.

Galileo is committed to the quality of their products second hand from the start of his career. Prior to marketing we test all of our equipment to inspire us in qualification procedures that are reflected in graphs and reports and if, despite this, something is not going well once a team has been sold, our warranty covers any incident to the peace of mind of our customers.

We, however, continue to move forward and further strengthen our commitment to quality and reliability. To do this, our company is currently in the process of obtaining the ISO certification 9001:2015.

As leaders of the national market of laboratory equipment second-hand, we believe that it is our responsibility to increase the quality of our products, services and processes, reduce incidents, and to maintain these standards in the time to increase the satisfaction of our customers.