Ag. magnetic and vortex

Ag. magnetic and vortex

Magnetic stirrers and vortex of second-hand, revised and guaranteed.

IKA lab disc white
230,00 €
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Magnetic stirrer IKA brand new to 800ml. Speed range: 15-15000 rpm. Automatic rotation reversible every 30 seconds. Weight: 12 mm Hg. Ambient temperature +5 up to 40ºC. Humidity permissible relative: 80%. Bar agitation of maximum length: 25 mm Dish: 100mm diameter. Housing made of resistant material. Protection Class IP65. Non-slip Base and secure. Includes two glasses and manual.

Hanna H190 M
Hanna Instruments
65,00 €
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Magnetic stirrer mini Hanna. 1L maximum capacity of agitation. Temperature (0º to 50ºC). Mechanism "Speedsafe™" and adjustable control of speed. Speed range: minimum (100 rpm) and maximum (1000rpm). Power light. Adapter 12VDC. Cover of ABS plastic. Includes manual.

Labnet Vortex Mixer S0200
110,00 €
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Labnet S0200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup head to vortex one or a group of tubes. The unit features a true circular orbit that allows for even distribution of vortexing across the entire speed range. Speed 3.400 rpm.

Vortex Genie-2
95,00 €
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Scientific Industries Vortex Genie-2 G-560E. Variable speed control from 600 to 3200 rpm allows high speed shaking or vortexing with tough metal housing. User manual. It has small defects in the paint that do not affect its operation.