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Nunc microplate storage rack. Vertical design to take advantage of space in ultra-freezers. Adjustable shelves capable of accommodating almost any box size, whether it's for plates or tubes. Retaining clips that secure plates in place. Handles on the top for easy transport. Front side alignment rod secures plates and makes barcodes easier to read. Aluminum. Sterilizable in autoclave. Capacity for: 18 flat microplates; or,10 standard-height microplates; or,(6) 1 mL deep-well plates; or, (5) 2 mL deep well plates. Dimensions; 13.5*9.5*23 cm (depth, width, height).

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Thermo Nunc Vertical Microplate Storage Racks provide a convenient and safe system for storing and transporting samples in microplates, deep-well plates, and cryogenic bench racks. They are perfect for storing genome libraries, DNA and RNA libraries, and components for detection in high throughput volumes.

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