Air Liquide GT 55

Air Liquide GT 55


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Reconditioned Air Liquid GT 55 liquid nitrogen dewar. Nitrogen capacity 55 L. Storage of 3618 1.2/2 mL cryovials divided into six racks with 9 trays each. Neck diameter 380 mm. Height 800mm. Evaporation rate: 0.33 L/day. Static holding time: 135 days. Stainless steel and insulation system. Includes platform with wheels.

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Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -196 °C and is used in its liquid or gas phase to preserve samples in the long term. To store, transport or handle liquid nitrogen, it is essential to use specialized containers, which can be of various types, according to the amount that the user wishes to store. The samples to be preserved within the liquid nitrogen are arranged in rack systems with or without a cryobox or in what is known as straws or rods.

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