Haier YDS-10

Haier YDS-10


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Haier YDS-10 liquid nitrogen storage tank. Maximum capacity 10 L. Aluminum tank. Evaporation rate (liters/day) 0.088. Static retention time (days) 105. Empty weight (Kg) 5.4 Neck diameter (mm) 50. Total height (mm) 550. Total diameter (mm) 300. Includes 5 baskets of 38 cm diameter and 120 height for 792 straws 0.5 ml. Protection jacket. user manual.

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The Haier Biomedical YDS-10 is a Storage liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for static storage of samples indoors. Storage time is long, safe and easy to take. It is mainly used in animal husbandry, medical treatment and scientific research. It mainly preserves semen, embryos, bacteria, skin organs and other active materials.

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