Bio-Rad Mini Sub Cell GT

Bio-Rad Mini Sub Cell GT


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Biorad MINI-SUB CELL GT electrophoresis cuvette. Includes cover and power cables, 1 gel tray, 1 limiter for the formation of gels and 2 combs of 8 and 15 wells, respectively. User manual.

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Biorad MINI-SUB CELL GT is a compact and versatile gel electrophoresis system that allows efficient analysis of DNA and protein samples. With its ergonomic design and small size, this equipment is ideal for laboratories with limited space.

MINI-SUB CELL GT features a transparent acrylic gel chamber that allows easy visualization of samples during the electrophoresis process. Furthermore, its hermetic sealing system ensures accurate and reproducible migration of samples. Accommodating up to 2 standard size gels, this system offers flexibility in the number of samples that can be analyzed simultaneously.

Biorad MINI-SUB CELL GT is a reliable and efficient tool for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins in the laboratory.

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